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Reward Card Policy

The Reward Card is free to set up. Please ask the receptionist to obtain your Reward Card.

When you pay by cash, debit or credit cards for your services, products and gift cards, 5% of the cost before tax and tips will go towards the reward card. So for example, if you spend $200 before tax, a $10 credit will be added to your Reward Card.

When the Reward Card accumulates to a $10 credit, you can use that towards any service or product. You can only redeem a $10 credit each time. The remaining credit will stay on your account and count towards your next $10. The more you spend, the more credit you get.

Please bring your Reward Card every time you come in. You cannot collect the credit if you don't have your card.

Each client has one Reward Card and reward credits are not transferable.

We are not responsible for lost/stolen Reward Cards. We do provide a replacement card for $5, we will happily transfer those credits to your new card.

When you refer a new client, both you and new client will get $5 credit add to your Reward Card.

There is no cash value for the reward credit.

There is no expiration for the Reward Card.

The merchant can, at its own discretion, modify or discontinue the program without notice.



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